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Stop itchiness and reduce pain with phytoplankton for dogs

Does your dog scratch themselves a lot because of skin and fur irritation, resulting in loss of fur? Or does your beloved pet suffer from arthritis and is he or she barely able to walk? Either way, phytoplankton can provide great relief for these dogs. In dogs with skin ailments, it reduces the itchiness. This results in them scratching themselves less, which allows the skin to calm down and stops the perpetual cycle of itchiness and irritation. Over time, this will allow missing fur to regrow, making their coat look healthy again. For dogs with arthritis it can improve quality of life by reducing the pain they experience when walking.

A great supplemental treatment for dogs with ailments and healthy dogs

It should be noted that phytoplankton is purely a supplement for dogs. It does not replace vet treatment, but simply forms an additional way to support your dog and their health. As mentioned before, it can help dogs with ailments, but it is also a great supplement for healthy dogs. This is the case, because it contains many nutrients that are lacking from regular dog food, but that your dog does need to thrive. The result is a boosted immune system and improved overall health. Provided you purchase the right type of phytoplankton for dogs of course. You need a supplement that is designed with them in mind for it to be safe and effective.

Get your supplement from this company

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