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Madonna Effect

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Read Oren Harari’s book The Madonna Effect and outlined 10 basic rules that will enable you to create outstanding and competitive products and services.

If you follow these simple rules, which Oren Harari talks about in her book The Madonna Effect, not only will you experience unprecedented and lasting success, but also the genuine satisfaction of knowing that your products go far beyond any expectations.

Always engage in “internal cannibalization”

Those absorb your own old goods and services, replacing them with new and breakthrough ones. Competitors simply won’t be able to keep up with the constant ideas and innovations being introduced in your company.

Be an anthropologist with your clients

Get closer to clients, immerse yourself in their inner world, comprehend their thoughts. This will not only allow you to increase customer loyalty and increase your fan base, but it will also provide a huge food for new ideas.

Be a car racer, not a soccer player

Set ambitious goals. Examine every aspect of your organization to see if everything is ready for a radical increase in speed.

Become a magnet for 3% of crazy consumers

They will help create interesting and curious products and services. These consumers are the key to your future because they are so impatient that they are willing to provide ideas for tomorrow’s consumers.

Hire 3% Crazy Employees

Hire only those who love your job. Train and develop your key employees.

Be a magnet for 3% of crazy partners

They openly participate in cooperation, deserve trust, share their plans.

Put your design on stream

Design is an important factor in increasing not only the attractiveness of products, but also the competitiveness of the company as a whole.

Target new territory carefully

Not immediately, but gradually master new niches and increase your influence in them.

Think big, act narrow

Start with big questions, but set boundaries so the company knows within what limits it can act.

Dominate or leave

Concentrate all your efforts on the products and services that will dominate the market. Get rid of mediocre products that are one-to-one similar to competitors’ products, even if they are still generating some income.

And again: follow these rules and you will surely break out of the mainstream.

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