Have your international ship repair performed more effectively

By | March 4, 2020

Should you require the services of a company for the completion of international ship repair, rely upon Antwerp Underwater Solutions! This company has the capacity to restore your ship to full functionality, no matter which European port it may be berthed in. You’ll find they can solve any problem with regards to nautical affairs. You don’t want your ship in dock; it will accumulate only rust, no revenue. AUS will move mountains to let your ship get back underway, as soon as humanly possible. Regardless of your ship’s port of call, they can achieve solid results by providing efficient repairs.

Any vessel in your fleet, restored to peak efficiency

So why choose Antwerp Underwater Solutions in particular as your preferred international ship repair company? For one, while most companies would perform repairs on your vessel by dry-docking it, AUS chooses a different method. Recognizing that the dry-docking process takes longer than necessary, Antwerp Underwater Solutions relies on the services of its qualified diving engineers to conduct repairs under the water’s surface. In this manner, their international ship repair company can do anything from fixing anchors and chains to removing rust – a unique service that qualifies them among the very best in Europe. Even more extensive repairs can be done underwater; they conduct these without lifting your ship by constructing a cofferdam to allow unfettered access to the ship’s hull.

Round-the-clock ship repair services, no matter your location

Want to make use of this company’s innovative methods for ship repair? Their personnel are among the foremost experts to have on hand for such restoration work. To employ them, reach out to Antwerp Underwater Solutions to discuss the possibilities for your ship. They will happily assist you in restoring your vessel to perfect working order. Count on their assistance, even if your repair is not altogether urgent. After all, they aim to be at your beck and call, allowing you and your ship to get underway as soon as possible once more.