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Deal with your Dutch tax returns by hiring an expert

Whether you are living or dealing with business in the Netherlands, you have to confront your Dutch tax returns. This can be a daunting task, considering you might not be quite familiar with Dutch tax law. That means that you run the risk of filing your Dutch tax returns incorrectly and consequently wasting considerable amounts of time and money. When you make an appointment at Witlox International Tax Advice, you will be helped by an expert on Dutch tax law. This way, you do not have to worry about filling out tax forms incorrectly and obeying Dutch law during your stay.


Guiding you to the best decisions with extensive advice

The filing service that is offered by Witlox International Tax Advice is extensive. As a basis, you will be provided with fiscal advice that is specifically aimed at your particular situation. Furthermore their services will include the filing of a request as to receive your monthly Dutch tax returns. The advisor will collect all the relevant data he needs to successfully file your taxes and in return, will give you, as the client, updates and overviews on the fiscal situation in your case. This service is available for any kind of taxing situation. When the assessment of the fiscal bureau does not match the return, the advisor will also put an appeal into action, making sure that you will receive what is owed to you.


Excellent service in every situation

Are you slightly panicking because you do not know the taxing regulation in the Netherlands? Then it is highly recommended that you turn to the excellent advisors at Witlox International Tax Advice. When you describe your particular situation to them, they will be happy to provide you with the necessary information. So if you are a foreigner living in the Netherlands or running a business on Dutch shores, you can count on the excellent services from this fiscal advice office.