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A high-quality solution for the dietary cation anion difference

Calcium is one of the more essential minerals for dairy cows. As one of the building blocks in producing good milk, it is important for dairy farmers to have a keen eye for the amount of calcium intake a cow has. At Kimtec International, they are specialized in providing farms solutions for feeding high-quality food that is rich in minerals to their cows. The feed additives and supplements are state of the art and suitable for maintaining animal health. They also focus on maintaining the optimal dietary cation anion difference. This company is definitely a great partner to have when dealing with dairy cows.

Making a definitive end to mineral deficiencies in farm animals

When a cow is calving, the calcium demand is at its peak and it is important for the health of the mother as of the calf to be optimal. This is a vulnerable period in the life of a cow and an optimum health has to be maintained. In case of the dietary cation anion difference, if this gets out of control, you might get a severe case of milk fever. By providing anionic salts, Kimtec International is able to restore the calcium levels and prevent milk fever. When regular dry cow ration is given to a cow that has a high calcium demand, you create a alkaloid metabolic state, which means that parathyroid hormone receptors are non-functional. This translates to an animal that is unable to mobilize calcium and thus unable to meet calcium demands. Nutrional additives and supplements by Kimtec International can make a significant difference.

Various dietary solutions for animals

Creating an optimal dietary cation anion difference is not the only aspect of a dairy cow that can be taken care off by products by Kimtec International. Contact this company and discover the innovative solutions that they can offer you.

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